FileStream2 Speed Pin not working

I´d like to build a patch, that can play a video not only at the normal frame rate but also at a slower or higher frame rate depending on the users input. The patch should be able to blayback multiple videos, therefore the FileStream2 with the Speed pin appears as an appropriate node to me, but particulary the Speed Pin does not work.
I guess you will tell me to set the Reference Clock to System. I tried, but still nothing.
I will be happy about any other advices (5.3 kB)

helo helena,

two ideas:

  • the speed pin is no good anyway on the filestream nodes. it will always cause jitter when you change it. a bit more difficult to adjust but more smooth when working: set Reference Clock to System and then play with the Adjust System Time. it allows you to manipulate the time the filestream is based on. by applying a positive or negative value there the stream will go faster or slower…experiment…
  • use the [Player (EX9.Texture]( or its Timebased variant that gives you other options to express your speedchanges…