Filestream (VLC)

Hi VVVV-users, may I ask why my filestream is on red? Anytime if try to connect the filestream to the renderer then the file of the video does not appear. Could anyone advice me how to solve this problem? thank you.

is VLC media player installed?

Yeah, it should work then I think

try to open the file with standalone vlc, if it works it should work in vvvv
then try TTY Renderer

I have open it with VLC but it doesn’t work and the filestream still shows red. Is there a other solution to solve this problem?

It works! I installed 32-bit of the VVVV and also the VLC 32-bit. I had 64 bit thats why is not working but anyway thanks guys!
Now I have another question : how do I receive live feeds from twitter? So it will appear on the renderer screen. Thank you

for the twitter question please start a separate thread!

Oh sorry about that. Next time I will know. My apologize