FileStream(VLC) split audio out


I need to play different files using filestream (vlc) at differrent audio outputs…
When i use comand line it works with

vlc --aout="directx" --directx-audio-device-name="Audio4 (Audio 4 DJ WDM Audio)" kalimba.mp3

When i use vvvv it is not works
please check my patch in atach

AudioVlcTest.v4p (6.3 kB)

hey did you try if you can use the normal filestream for this? here you can have several AudioOuts.
Or did you find a solution? I will run in the same proplem soon.

here vvvv is a bit lacking on comfortable multioutput settings.

Filestream will do that but can be tricky at times, very tricky others. First of all .wav files can be encoded in many different ways, be sure your .wav files do work with Filestream

Then if you use a 5.1 card or similar (as I did) … well first of all, if you can get a multi channel USB card. But if you do want to use a PCI/internal card of that kind take into account the driver and its relative control panel. Usually these cards will not activate channels as long as there is nothign connected to it. Also I ve encountered a weird behavior where if I didn t send anything to the front outputs then rear and subwoofer were not activated. This costed me a few days of head scratching!

Have a look at Bass Audio as well but I ve never tried my self.

Good luck (and no afaik VLC does not support that inside vvvv)

io, i`m use this audio card

w7 find her as 2 differend audio out, when i use vlc from comand line, all work good.

tekcor, in real project i need open udp stream, not audio file.
But, if this working with file, than must working and with stream.
Test from VLC comand line

So you re bound to use VLC right? what about doing the video part in vvvv with the VLC lib and just stream the audio with VLC stand alone?

did you try Filestream (VLC DX11) in the latest DX11 pack?

stange but here VLC DX11 only plays video files
unable to play mp3 or wav files even if tty log detects the audio stream …

okey i just need video anyway ~ but cannot test it right now, still waiting for the sound card… I prepare myself for using filestream so I set some container and codec guidelines for the content providers. hope they like it… ^^

Best would of course be if misak’s commandline idea would work.

tekcor, i find mistake.

difference between vlc command line and 4v vlc command line - you don`t need use quotes.

post the patch that works with my sound card.
the name of the sound card manually changed

AudioVlcTest2.v4p (7.3 kB)

it still does not work for me.
I tried both (and other combinations of course):

| aout=directx | directx-audio-device-name=MAYA44USB Ch34 (2- MAYA44USB Audio driver)

| aout=“directx” | directx-audio-device-name=“MAYA44USB Ch34 (2- MAYA44USB Audio driver)”

It always plays the windows default output…

Do you have an idea?

What are using a version of the vlc?

I’m using vlc version 1.9.9

i confirm using vlc-1.1.9-win32.exe ( quit outdated!)
with | aout=directx | directx-audio-device-name=YOUR DEVICE

doesn’t seems to work with vlc >= 2.0.0