FileStream -> VideoTexture only displays on one monitor

I have a setup with six displays hooked to one PC via two GTX770s. I am happily able to use DX9 textures across all these displays using the usual multi-monitor viewport scheme, EXCEPT for the textures coming out of a FileStream/VideoTexture chain. Even HTMLTexture works across all monitors over both cards.

I get the correct part of video playing on one monitor, the others are dark. I can change which monitor gets the video by changing the VideoTexture Adapter input pin. I tried re-rendereing the texture via a Quad/Renderer/EX9Texture chain, same result. I need the /dx9 switch, so I cannot try a shared texture.

This is with 33.7 x86 on Win7. Any ideas? Thanks!

just for testing. try the re-rendering but with the window open (on your controll screen) and/or with some ex9.effect
greetings steffen

Thanks steffen, but I tried all those tricks I could think of. Finally gave up and decided to try shared textures, and that almost works - with DX9 shared textures the texture works on all the monitors on the same graphics card, but not on a second card! I even tried tricks there too like re-rendering it and sharing it as a different type, but no difference. Again this is odd because textures from all other sources work fine.

I was finally able to get video to play across all monitors on two cards by converting the DX9 texture to DX11, and using DX11 renderers. But even that is pretty finicky, with the DX11 shared texture node not seeing the texture as valid without moving some renderers around first or exiting and restarting vvvv.

Definitely some serious holes here in video playback handling, but at least there is one path that works. Oh for a boygroup VLC node!

just to clarify: i am afraid regarding dx9 all your observations are correct. those are simply the technical limitations of our implementation.

regarding dx9todx11 troubles: have you tried this with vuxens latest dx11 pack release? there was a fix regarding this issue.

Thanks joreg, I had a feeling that was the case with DX9 video, just because everything with DX9 video has been such so touchy,

I did try the new DX11 pack, and yes that did seem to address some of those issues, but unfortunately I am now seeing a much bigger problem: those PCs with DX11 renderers on two graphics cards will frequently and suddenly crash - a hard crash and reboot, with nothing in the event log other than a critical hardware failure. Sometimes vvvv will just spew errors instead of crashing, with a stacktrace concerning SlimDX “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED: Hardware device removed”. Note this is not while video is playing, but just displaying some DX11 quads with FileTextures. Happens on different hardware, and can happen from 15 minutes to 10-12 hours - no machine has made it 24 hours yet over several days.

I’m in the process of debugging this problem and trying to isolate it to a simple patch. I’ll post it under a new topic when I do.