Filestream (VAudio) problem


I have the problem that always when i change the volume or speed input of the Filestream(VAudio) it stops the Audio Output.
I would like to animate the volume with a timeliner but with this bug it isn’t possible.

Is anyone of you familiar with this problem?

It would be great if someone could help me. :)

it does not happen on my machine… are you using the latest version of VAudio and vvvv? 64 bit or 32 bit? what kind of audio file are you using?

can you upload a minimal patch that demonstrates your problem?

I am using the latest versions of VAudio and vvvv (50beta35x64).
It seems like the problem only occurs when i use two Filestreams and mix them.
I am using mp3 files.

in this test patch it was like this:

  • i started patching. After a while it stopped working.
  • then i saved and reloaded the mp3 files → then somehow it worked
  • then i replaced one mp3 file with another one and it stopped working again

it’s really random

test.v4p (6.2 KB)

thanks for the testpatch, i will investigate the problem.

ok, i found two issues, one is that you are clipping the audio out like crazy. some audio cards are very sensitive in that respect and will just stop rendering. depends on the driver.
so if you add two audio signals, you need to turn the volume down a bit to avoid that audio samples above 1 reach the card. also a limiter is a good idea.

the other thing is that you have loop on but no end time set. i think that can also cause the player to stop. so just set the loop end time to a high value like 99999 to loop thru a whole file.

test2.v4p (14.7 KB)


Thanks a lot. Now it also works on my computer. :)
And thanks for the tips.

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