Filestream to multiple DShows?

Okay now if this question was answered by someone in some thread just crash and burn me but the search did not return any results of “filestream” so i guess the search is crashed and burned ^^

Today bbb´s problem is the connection of the audio output of a filestream (mp3) to FFT and AudioOut. I never had seen a node that refuses two outgoing connections so i guess the DShow sector of vvvv follows own rules. Do you have kinda audio splitter found/created for equal purposes??

I´m searching on, too. Also i´m very interested in the audio capabilities of vvvv since the ancestor of it (what is mentioned often when drifting into the audio programming area) does not fit my views instantly. so why is it that a DShow audio node is not able to share data to different nodes simultanously? soundcard dependant? or what…

thx and greetinX, b³

there’s no way to split a DShow audio stream, but there is a workaround. play the sound with FileStream and AudioOut and get the sound back via AudioIn:

dshow_workaround.v4p (2.7 kB)

dropped investigation on 4v for a week, since i had to bring similar results in java programming language.

back to that DShow problem: it still is not possible for me to hear what i´m processing… maybe this is a soundcard issue?

-back anyways-