Filestream stuttering audio

i have a patch to playback a wmv file
now the audio is stuttering hard, video is not so good either. cpu is at 60%.
any idea what i can do to have it running smooth (25fps)?


playknopf05.v4p (27.2 kB)

try Boost (VVVV) with enable = “-1”.

boost has no effect.

i now noticed that on this computer these files with big resolution generally stutter (in wmp, vlc, vvvv). (even thought in wmp and vlc audio doesn’t stutter while video is worse than in vvvv.)

using the lower resolution avi file everything runs smooth.
so the real question is: what codec to use? having a high resolution 1440x1080 and sound.

i read this and ended up using wmv9 (incl. wma9) which plays okay on a not so much faster machine (but with a different graphic card) but fails on the one i have to use now (1,8ghz with 1gb ram)

thanks for any ideas!


recently we did a playbackmachine runnning 1920x1200 with real 50fps (content was rendered in amazing Quality) containing audio also. each drop to 49 or fps was noticed and rejected by the client…
the machine had some more tasks as well: parsing large XMLfiles, pipeting some colors,sending udp commands to screens,dvd-player,videomatrix,etc.
finally we ended up with the desired result,puuh.

format was wmv.

Boost (VVVV) 's enable pin set to “-1”.
vvvv itself runs with a lower priority to guarantee enough resources to the filestream handling.

MainLoop (VVVV) 's Time Mode pin set to “Filtered”
MainLoop (VVVV) 's both FPS pins set to sth like “55”

VideoTexture (EX9.Texture VMR9 YUVMixingMode) seemed to be more performant than VideoTexture (EX9.Texture VMR9) . Texture Size Mode of course set to “NonPow2”. Wait for every Nth Frame in our case was set to “1”, in your case “2” will be the right setting.

Renderer (EX9) has a configuration pin Presentation Interval: was set to “wait for frame”

FileStream (Dshow9) 's Reference Clock pin was finally set to “Default”

also make sure that AudioOut (DShow9) 's Driver pin is set to “Default DirectSound Device”

also see related wiki pages

i only can report our settings right now.
i’m not an expert regarding those directshow issues but thanks to @david my knowledge increased a little here.

furthermore i recommend clicking

all NodeReference links i made above

valuable knowledge also here.

as a second i had a look at your patch using XMLmarker:
your renderers Fullscreen Dimension was set to 1400x1050 (not 1680x1050…)
Fullscreen Refresh Rate was 75fps. i assume mainloop with 80fps and Wait for frame = “3” could make sense here?

until now no success.
thanks to your settings kalle, it now flows with 1280 x 720 (but looks bad, too pixelized).
but with the full resolution 1440 x 1080, aspect ratio 1.33, it still stutters hard.

maybe the graphic card (intel 82945g express chipset family) lacks dxva support?


i “solved” the problem buying a faster computer. 2x2,4 dual core processor + 512mb ati grafic card and everything runs as if there was never a problem.

what i had before (intel atom 1,8 ghz with onboard graphic) is definately too slow for hd video.

anyway, thanks kalle!