FileStream speed won't change

I’m using a FileStream (DShow9), with wmv files converted by Windows Media Encoder.

Whatever I set the Speed pin to, there is no change in playback speed. I tried setting the clock to System in Herr Inspektor, this has no effect. If I set it to None it gives me all kinds of strange speeds, and I can’t control it.

This is the same problem regardless of whether audio is included in the file.

filestream (571.4 kB)

Well, for sure it is a codec issue. I was reading the Codec FAQ, but couldn’t fin any specific info on this subject.

A .wmv movie doesn’t work for me, but an .avi (made wit the cinepack codec) does. I can’t remember the codec settings I used, but get a tool called Gspot to find that out.

I put a clip in my dropbox… as proof (working on a new alost codecless windows installation btw)

So, I fear you have convert all your clips. Best is to eperiment with a few codecs first I think. I think, in order to be able to change the speed you should make a keyframe from every frame.

But just try a few, codecs and settings… and let us know your findings ;)

mjpg works too, but not negative values, never found a codec that did!