Filestream Renderer problems

i have some problems in vvvv using filestream node and the ex9-renderer. At the beginning, using the patch below, it works with a normal behaviour, but when i want to switch the video i’m getting 2 problems. i think i have this problem since connected a projector with my computer.

  1. the file loop does not work anymore and after a few seconds or minutes the whole program crashes (i think it’s not a version thing, because i tried it with 28., 29. - x64 and 29.2 x64.

  2. The other problem i have is when i use more than 2 renderers (with any generative graphics, no complicated thing, and a few ex9 effects) in line, the third renderer has no more antialiasing effect and when this renderer gets an video input vvvv crashes as well.

I don’t think that it is a problem with my hardware (MacBook Po 15’’, 8 GB RAM, nvidia geforce 650m/1GB), but maybe the system runs in wrong calibrations…i’m using windows 7 (64-bit) with bootcamp
Any ideas…? Maybe someone had the same problems!

mapping_video_basic.v4p (47.0 kB)