FileStream plays back AVI file recorded with Writer as black

I recorded a file using Writer(EX9.Texture AVI), and it plays just fine in every playback app I have (VirtualDub, MediaPlayer, etc.). But when I play it back with FileStream(DShow9), it plays back as black. It is playing back, because if I send it into VideoTexture I see an incrementing frame count. Also, everything looks fine on the console output.

Attached is a sample file. I can get it to work if I recompress the file into another format, but since this is a Kinect depth texture, it has to be lossless.

Any ideas? Thanks! (2.3 MB)

I’ve gotten the same result with FileStream2, and under Win7 x64 and XP with b26.

Can anyone get the attached .avi to play visibly? I don’t understand why only vvvv can’t play this, as I thought it used DShow like everyone else.