Filestream performance

Hello there,

is there a way to get better performance in vvvv when playing a video with filestream and having a spread of random seekpoints that can be triggered via FFT?

The video i am using i rendererd with keyframes every frame which is way better than without what seems logical to me when i want to seek different timeline dates.

Is there a better way that i dont know of? I am getting only 3 different seektimes and can hold the 120 fps. When using more then 5 seektimes its getting very poor in performance.

FilestreamPerformanceSeektime.v4p (37.4 KB)



in general this is better done with image stacks than with video files.
render your frames into a folder as .dds files and use FileTexture + GetSlice (Node) if everything fits into your RAM, or use Player (EX9.Texture) which is fully spreadable. Make sure you use a SSD of course.

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