Filestream + Other Issues

I have a patch doinf video playback triggered by DMX outputting artnet to a coustom LED web. Generally the patch runs withough a glitch but over time there are issues when the patch loads up and does not display the video which i think i have tracked down to the filestream node. When i restart the patch it normaly loads correctly but its becomeing more frequent that the filestream is not playing correctly. Also i am getting a socket error message artnet sender node in the TTY renderer when ever this occurs, can the Artnet node be affecting the filestream?

This is the exact message:

(event call: error occured in TMDMXArtnetSenderNode): Socket Error # 10065 No route to host

Any ideas anyone?

You could try starting up with the filestream, and artnet nodes disabled, either play pin off or switch patch the filestream node/ video texture in after loading, same thing with the artnet.
Although I have to say, I’ve not come across that kind of problem…
Maybe start with the artnet part as thats where the error is coming?

Heres an update on the issue i was having, it seems to be within the windows startup. The patch was set to auto run on startup but it seems that windows was taking a while to recognise it had an ethernet connection so if vvvv started up before the ethernet connection was proppery initalised there were issues which had a knock on effect to the filestream. We’ve overcame this just simply by starting the patch later after windows had fully did it’s thing.

The odd thing is which has become apparent is that there seems to be a “burning” period where the PC’s opperate slightly slower after being ran for the first month, not much but just enough to cause some interesting issues. The smae applies to some of the routers we have been using too, they opperate super quick for the first few weeks and then seem to settle into a slightly slower stable speed. Hope this helps with anyone else whos had similar issues.