Filestream Irrklang bug?


i need to make a simple audio player where tracks play one after another. so i need to check when the position of current track equals the duration of track.
while trying to do this with FileStream (Irrklang) i found out that the “Position” output always resets at ~24000 and then starts from 0. however the track plays well without any reset, interruption or any.

not sure if it’s bug or i do smth wrong, so just want to sort it out

My 2cents… I think you should have a look at FileStream (VAudio)

hello Noir

yes, i know this pack, but for me irrklang is more convenient for simple sound design in projects that doesnt require super nice audio output system. and this project is just from the case. audio player i need to build is one of the parts of this project so i didnt assume switching to another filestream.

however i solved this hitch with duration output from filestream, stopwatch node and some simple logic, but just wanted to clarify if it’s really a bug.

Try to change Play Mode to 2D

baxtan, it is already in 2d

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