Filestream EX9 vs DX11

i am not realy good at vvvv but 3 years back i made patch with video playback using FilestreamEX9.
Because it had many isues with fullscreen and dualscreen i used DX9ToDX11 whit stoped working for Alohomora reason.
So i just made whole patch with FilestreamDX11 but the “Position” pin on FilestreamDX11 refresh rate is like one second. realy slow. On FilestreamEX9 was perfect.
Is there a way to increase this refresh rate?. Or way to make DX9ToDX11 work again?
Thank you.

Not directly answering your question, but: Have you considered doing this with vvvv gamma instead? While it will take some time to get into it, you’ll also gain all the benefits of a modern environment.

Take some time to read the introduction, then follow the tutorial links listed there at the end. Then come back with your next question if you’re stuck.

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