FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) red

I try to make a simple video player. Using latest beta version (31.2) with addon pack on Win XP.
Issue #1: FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) is red. How to make it work?
Issue #2: Why is it so hard to play simple .avi files with FileStream(DShow9)?
For example I have one folder with four .avi files. All in Motion JPEG. But only one gets loaded and played by FileStream. Others are ignored.
Any suggestions for a simple, stable video player?
Thanks, Armin

Stupid question about issue #1: did you install vlc?

yes. vlc plays all of them.

hei armin, please share a simple version of your patch so we can see if you’re doing something wrong there.

otherwise regarding #2 i’d suggest it has something to do with your codecs installed. you should check with to make sure your files use exactly the same decoder.

also regarding #1 does tty mention anything?

installed the latest version of vlc player.
checked codecs with gspot.exe
filestream was still red when i opened the help file.
tty output:
“1) The libvlc.dll file could not be found in any of the paths specified in libvlc_searchpath.txt, so probably, loading the Vlc plugin will fail.”

solution: updating search paths in the libvlc_searchpath.txt as written in the helpfile for example:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Desktop\vvvv_45beta31.2_x86\addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins

now FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) works.
thanks for the hint joreg.
cheers a