FileStream (DX11.Texture Vlc) and DXVA

Hi all, I hope this will not be a silly question, but I searched a lot in the forum without finding a relevant answer… So here’s my problem: I tried to make an “hybrid” VJing platform, mixing recorded and generative content. For that purpose I wanted to play x264 videos and thought filestream (DX11 VLC) would be the perfect match, but it turns out that, even though VLC is correctly using DXVA outside vvvv (CPU about 3%) , filestream node makes my CPU go up to 40-50% when playing the same vid, so it’s not using hardware acceleration :( One other thing I noticed when troubleshooting this (using Sysinternals Procmon), is that during the initial load of /packs/DX11/nodes/plugins/vlc/VVVV.DX11.nodes.vlc.dll, vvvv tries to read a file named “VVVV.DX11.Nodes.Vlc.INI”, that should be located in the same folder but does not exist. Is this the place to add a special parameter activating DXVA support? (I did not find any information about a file with this name and extension, as VLC does not seem to use *.INI files anymore…) Thanks by advance for your help!

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