FileStream (DShow9) fileformat question


I’m new to vvvv and I’m testing the filestream nodes, but there seem to be a problem to read other files than .avi

I tested the filestream with .mov, .mkv h264 just .avi h264 works for me.
Filestream2 plays all formats but there is no sound.

I installed a codec pack and after that the windows 8.1 media player plays the different formats.

Also the filtergraph looks ok, but when I load a .mov file with filestream in vvvv, the filtergraph is completely wrong.
At filestream2 the filtergraph is ok, but there is no sound.

What I’m doing wrong?
I thought, filestream plays all the formats which even wmp does.

I post you the screenshots of the filtergraphs and the tty renderer.

I’m very interested on an answer.

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately the dev’s think that video files will never catch on now we have fancy realtime graphics, so file stream is a little more beta than ideal. I use Mjpg encoded files, which work fine, and are high quality. You can also look at the VLC players that Vux made, but they don’t seek, or report actual frame very well but will play just about anything