FileStream (DShow9) doesn't play from Network adresses

it seems not to be possible to play files from a network location, like //pcname/videopath/filename.wmv

but i need this feature really urgently!

furthermore i need to know the file’s duration ‘before’ i load it into the filestream.
this is necessary to calculate startpositions and durations from a playlist.

atm i use a wacky ‘patcharound’ with aviparser (which also doesn’t work in the network) because for performance reasons i fear having a 2nd complete filestreamgraph incl. renderer.
Videos are 1920 x 1080 and sometimes gigabyte-sized…

for my part it is working on our local server .

the location is like \ourserver\folder…video.avi

It shows me the duration by the way.

But my video are 1280*720 and around 20mo, nut i will test it with a larger file …

sorry, false alarm.

works here to.

i’ve been to fast in announcing a bug :(