FileStream doesn't loop audio (wave/mp3)

Hi guys!

Play: 0-1
End loop time: 1.0 s
FileStream doesn’t loop audio(wave/mp3) it plays it ones but than Play doesn’t work and only way to “play” is to triger Do Seek 0-1.

It works in Alpha though.

Try yourself. Is it the same for you?

Thanks in adwance.

please provide a patch that demonstrates this.

The same patch but
“Alpha” patch was made with Alpha which works
“Beta” patch was made with Beta which doesn’t work (43.5 kB)

cannot confirm the trouble.
both patches work for me with b29.2 as well as latest alpha.

joreg, what version are you using? I’m using x64.

see, you didn’t mention that…and in what alpha does it work for you?

It worked with Alpha 27.2 but I can’t confirm is it x32 or x64 because it’s not defined on zip neither extracted folder.