Filestream (bug or not!)

Hi! Your software is fabulous (as we say in French : c’est de la bombe)

I’ve tried to play a hd video (.wmv). Some times it works, some times it does’nt work. Is there any reason?

Thank’s you.

video playback depends on the used codec, if a video is playing in the widows media player, it should also play in vvvv … hope that helps …


and set waitforframe to something greater than the time between two frames. 100ms works usually fine.

I’ve the good codec because I’ve wmp10 and i can watch these “hd videos” with wmp10.

I will adjust waitforframe when I will have something on the renderer.

Thank’s guys

try playing the film with media player classic (which gets rid of contemporary drm-style user interfaces and plays all different media files in one clean window).

In the Play->Filters menu of media player classic you will see exactly what codecs and filters are used to play back the movie. this information will help us tracking down the error (in case you still have problems)