Filestream(Boygroup) Sync problem

I’m just trying out the filestream(boygroup) node for syncing thing on the same machine, the patch is just to filestreams a quad and a renderer.
I have set one to client, I have used and also the actual IP of my machine, but the client only plays the first 1 second of the video, if I set them both to client they both play the first 1 second.
Any ideas why?
beta29 pal res picvideo.

Ah, I’ve changed the ports and now it works, but it looks like its 1 frame out…

Ok, So using the fine offset I can get them in sync, but if 1 is out it would be good to have a resync threshold rather than trying to play catchup, also I’m seeing drift on every other loop or so.
In fact I’ve just patched an example, where the boygorup sync is off by more than a patched sync module.
I kind of expected, especially on a local sync that the boygroup would be more nsync (hehe) seems boy bands aren’t all theyre cracked up to be, take that!

Compare Patch sync vs Boygroup sync (32.8 kB)

I’m also having to do audio sync, and I’m using Filestream to play the audio, and sync as above, I was going to use waveplayer, but it seems to not play at the correct speed.
Attached is a example…

waveplayer speed (12.6 kB)

the sync was not tested/developed to work in the same vvvv instance, both sync nodes/filestreams are reading the same clock which then gets adjusted… but i am not entirely sure why it seems to work in your patch. its supposed to work with two instances. if you are doing it in one instance you can always stitch the video before you play it and if you need it on two heads use vlc node or /dx9ex start parameter.

i was not able to do something about the jump after a loop is finished. the files should be much longer anyways… try with 1-2min videos.

it also has a threshold for a DoSeek jump which is currently set to 1 second, but the jump is never exact, so it will almost always readjust a bit.

the waveplayer can only play 44.1khz 16bit wave files, check your soundfile for those properties.

Ah, sorry I must have misread that it worked on the same instance…
I would put this as a feature request though, there are times when it would be useful, I’ve used this feature on Catalyst media servers before, so its not completely off the wall!
I don’t need multiple heads, but I have multiple files that picture in picture in, in an interactive way, and the BG video is already 5760x1080, so I don’t really have any more leeway in that anyway!
I’m also having to drop sync’d audio files into the mix, and sync to an external sync coming from another show control system.
I’ve got it all working using my sync module, but hoped that new file stream would make it simpler.
Wasn’t waveplayer updated to allow it to use more formats, I think all these are 48k, as they come from a video edit.

makes sense of course, i see what i can do, but don’t expect anything before march… but bring some test cases to node13, maybe we find some time in the hackspace.

there is now a Seek Threshold and the Port is spreadable to serve multiple local clients.