Filestream and two monitors


Is there any reason why i can’t see video from filestream with two renderers on two different monitors ?
I remember that it was not a problem to run preview window in the patch and full screen on other monitor, but since couple month cant do that.
File texture or any generating texture with shaders or anything else thats without problem, just video can play only in one monitor.

What is strange sometimes run in one sometimes in other monitor and sometimes freez whole vvvv when moving second renderer out to second monitor.
Even basic patch doesnt work " Filestream> Videotexture> Quad> 2x Renderer

many thanks for answer or link or anything

You have bumped into a classic limitation of vvvv, it can not display the same video on more than one device.

fortunately the nice VLC plugin can do that and play many more types of files: vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin


oh thanks

but i really done it before hm interesting …:)

in case is there a way ho to tell to vvvv which device to use for playing?
cose it play sometimes on the one other time on second device


yes, device (manual)
more info here faq multiscreen