I tried to load the model with “filemodel” in all formats(xfbx,obj … etc), but modal isn’t loaded, what could be the reason?
do i need to add any plugin ?


Do you have more information to provide? What do you mean with “isn’t loaded”? Could you share the model you’re trying to load?

Make sure you enable MsBuild tools in the vvvv installer…

@sebescudie very simple sphere

Where can I check if it’s uploaded?


@tonfilm its enable

Could you share that model so someone can try loading it on their machine?

fbx type files are not shared

Is there any other way to import model other than filemodel

If you open the help patch " Load Assets from File" do you see the file model “AstroBoy” loaded?
If yes, there is an issue with your model. maybe it is super big? many 3d programs use mm, but vvvv uses meters, so that would be a factor of 1000.

@tonfilm I’m just trying to discover the program so I’m not very knowledgeable. Do you have a chance to write it in a little more detail?

in that case i suggest you start here and watch some video tutorials: Welcome to vvvv! | vvvv gamma documentation


I started getting an error like this

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