FileExists does not detect newly added files

I’m trying to have a ‘bang’ when a specific file is added to a folder, and I noticed this odd behavior:

Plug an IObox with a path of a file that does not exist yet in a FileExists node
FileExists => False
Add the file to the specified path location
FileExists => False

At that stage I expect FileExists to return True. But unplug and replug the IOBox in the same FileExists, and you will get True, or plug the same IOBox in another FileExists node, and both will return True.

This Gif might be more explicit:

Tested on 2021.4.11-1054 && 1055

Just noticed the Refresh [IO.Path] node seems to be made for this situation, so it might after all be an expected behavior.

You might also want to look at the filewatcher node.


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