File transfer via network

Hi v4 enthusiasts!

For a university project of mine I’m looking for a technical solution for a chalengin task:

On PC_1 a v4 patch should check a spedific folder on the hard disk if there are files (.wmv videos) contained in the folder. If this is the case, I would like to find a way to copy these files over a local network connection to a specific folder on a second PC (PC_2).

  • the “check and send files” process/ logic may be executed on a regular basis from the running patch, say every hour
  • the check process may be executed only when the v4 patch on PC_1 is started
    both is equally fine with me.

If it can be done, how can it be done with v4? For which keywords should I start looking, with which nodes should I make myself familiar?

If external utilities are necessary, for what should I be looking?

I don’t at all expect a finished solution but would be very graceful for any hints where to start digging!

its not sooo challenging :)

first check the folder with the Dir node (should work over the network too ?!), save the state with S+H and compare it periodically for changes

if there is a change u can use the commandline tool robocopy ,mirror mode might be the option in question…

you can execute it via the shellexecute node…or if you run in trouble with commandline arguments, generate a batch file with writer and run this with shellexecute…

Woeis MigrateFolder (File) module might help.

Just map the remote folder (PC2) as network drive on PC1 so you can access it easily.

How to map a network drive

nice, I’ll try that right away!

also see kalle.Modules.File for
Mirror (File Folder).v4p
Mirror (File Folder Network).v4p

Mirror.exe just flashes open for a second and disappears immediately afterwards again. is it supposed to behave like that? because also nothing is copied…

Sounds like a commandline tool issue. Usually you run a command line prog like ^code:
myexecute.exe -n -o -d “C:\something else”
btw I dont know mirror.exe and if it works like that. Just a quick thought.

of course you should have write-access and delete-access on the remote folder!