File selctor / movie bank

hello :)

its my first post, so to start with, thankyou for VVVV, i love it. i looked at it a while ago but just wasnt ready for it, but have given it another look and realy got in to it this time :D

ok, so im making a vj mixer as my first project. i have it running as a fairly basic 3 channel version, but the problem i have is how to make a pool of videos.

At the moment im just using the FILESTREAM node to select the video, but would like to be able to make a grid of videos to select from. i saw there is one in the Awkard_O_tron but being a relative noob to VVVV i couldnt make sense of what did what as its quite a busy patch :D

is there some kind of node that will allow me to do this? or can anyone give me any tips as to which direction i should look in for this kind of thing?



sorted it :D

hi vjair. i worked sometimes ago on a directx based imagebrowser. its quite tricky to do something usable. i had some problems with making it scrollable when you have more thumbnails that fited in the window.

i never finished the patch but i can post you, maybe it gives some ideas or inspiration.

have a look at a node called aviparser. it can generate textures out of avis. you can also specify a time in the film where the screenshot shoud be taken.

ahhh, cool, thanks for the tip, i shall have a look at aviparser straight away :)