File explorer always in fullscreen


I was wondering why when right clicking on a directory pin, the windows file explorer is always fullscreen and can’t be rescaled ?

Also, why once the file explorer is open, vvvv has to freeze ?


P.S I know about the Dialog(File Open) node.

hm…not sure what you mean. for me clicking on a directorypin opens a scalable non-fullscreen dir-explorer.

because of bad/easy design. gui and mainloop in vvvv run in the same thread and opening a modal window blocks the thread.

ok, I just tried on another computer and the file explorer is scalable.

To be more precise, the file explorer once open is full screen, it has on the bottom right corner the possibility to be rescaled but it’s just not possible.

Probably something with my windows, just in case, do you have any idea where I should have a look to fix that ?

Thank you

hm…never seen such a thing. see if it makes a difference if you run in aero mode or not.

once the file explorer is open, vvvv has to freeze

you can drag&drop files/folders into v4 and skip open dialog

OpenFile plug