File Dialog


maybe iam using it wrong, but might it be that Dialog(Open File) is not working properly?
Right now Dialog(Open File) is only capable of opening Directories…
And when clicking abort VVVVs Gui is freezing, what can be solved by Middleclick.

Same for Dialog(Save File).



something wrong for only you I think d0t. Working in 45beta31.2 for me and used in other projects while back - file selecting no problem. No GUI freeze either.

Hmmmm weird. Tested it back to beta28. With OpenFileDialog the GUI is not freezing when clicking abort but i cannot choose files either.

And with beta31.2 i still cannot choose files and the GUI is freezing also.
Must be my computer then, when its working for you.

Do i have to change the Filter? Changed it to some specific file endings, but still there are no files shown…

Somebody has a hint how i could trace down the problem?