File dialog appears behind renderer in full screen

Does anyone have any hints how I might pursuade Window’s file dialog to appear in front of the renderer when it is in fullscreen?

We have a UI and in quite a few places you can load a file using a file dialog. The file dialog is the normal system dialog. When the renderer is not in fullscreen the file dialog appears in front of the renderer, but once I go to fullscreen it is now hidden.

Any ideas?

Using 2022.5

Does this work?

@amir Thanks for the example. That works opening the file explorer even with Fullscreen Skia windows, which is nice.

I need to do the same with a file dialog, not the explorer. I tried with a file dialog and that actually works fine with fullscreen Skia. We are using Stride render windows however.

So I’m thinking its probably more of a Stride issue!?

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