Fighting with S/R node with texture and contour and enumerations

Hum… i m beginning to struggle myself with this:

I m aquiring camera, and sending its texture ( >renderer> ex9texture) with S node

i m receiving it on many ( about 12) .fx and sending the result (ex9texture) to s node

untill this morning my patch was working ok with one contour and enumerations were ok.
just restarting the machine ( yesterday i opended and close without troubles the all project): contour no more receive the camera texture. the fx yes.
( troubles with shaders and freeframe procedures ?). enumerations pins are now crazy and showing names that are not my shaders enumerations.

before clearing again from zero ( waste of time waste of time Grrrr ) and trying a switch (node) approach, does anybody have any clue about this very annoying thing ?

aua, yes. things like Wireframe, etc…

using enumeration nodes on shader’s technique pin causes very strange behaviour.

maybe try to use an Ord2Enum (Enumerations) WITHOUT an IOBox (Enumerations).

also annoying:
avoid in any way using “advanced” enumeration nodes like CreateEnum (Enumerations) etc.
you end up with not reproduceable, random, strange behaviour and crashes.

whole enum-thing is a mess since years.

IMO the darkest, buggiest corner of vvvv ever

thanks kalle. i have taken back my patch and founded a stable release of it.
just now fighting with contour wich need to be called separatly from my main patch ( full of shaders and subpatchs and renderers included).
all shaders are sended with S node.

so now, i m launching a patch separatly, after my main patch, contour doesn t no more crash my main patch. i m obliged to move its rendering window to second output to enable its contour rendering.

oulalalalala its quite painfull…

for this project i m mixing the same source ( camera video on IP / VHSRCAP) and shadering it in 15 shaders, then mixing it in a BUS mixing ( blender fx from svvvvitcher). Quite obliged to have evrybody working at same time.

camera capture is 640x480. shadering and final rendering are at 1024x768.

i m quite desespearate to fight with enumeration and it would be very very fine if someone provides a shader doing same job as contour, buut in .fx and not in freeframe. I have experienced too much troubles of coexistence between this two technique to be quiet sure about it…

anyway, cheers to anybody, and waiting to advices

i m suspecting also a trouble of memory allocation with S and R, at the base. this enums pins trouble occures for me :
-if i m sending 3 or 4 arrays of 10/30 values
-around 10 to 15 textures thruth send nodes

i m suspecting also that trouble may come from Ctrl-D function, creating entities not appearing but pushing everybody out.

devvvs ;-) ???

can you upload a patch and a description how to reproduce the bug? S and R of all types worked for me ever since…

hi tonfilm !
well its always with “hudge” projects ( subpatches etc)… so to send you a patch I need to send you a project.

I just finished to make a clean. but if its occures on simple patch i will send you the zip ( i promiss).

beyond the known issue

after creating an R node you have to change the enumeration ‘SendString’ at least once to make sure it is saved correctly

like also tonfilm i never experienced problems with the S,R nodes.
have currently a patch with a spread of > 20 Textures via S,R in a boygroup.
no problems.

hi kalle ;-)
grrr… may i ask you if you are using the svvvvitcher blend.fx ?
and is it possible that bug may rely inside of/from it ?

i m sure that duplixating and S node with enum linked to it may be the problem. maybe in conjuction with the string bug that we need to refill

other question: enumeration of sended textures appears in the order they have been created. is there anyway to rearrange their order in “memory” ?

yours, sincerely

hum … i m using svvvitcher cuted to 10 effects ( including Tfiox function).
from time to time, it doesn t compile all the effects, and pins enum witch i m attaquing with a Ord2enum node show nil

I really doesnt understand why this appends. does anybody has any clue ?

ok devvvvs, i discovered that NIL was disappearing when connecting a framedelay node beetween my subpatch index output and the shader.

actually its now working JUST because of this frame delay between index and Ord2enum node. Maybe thsi will help ?

hi karistouph,

last days i had a similar problem using a Queue (EX9.Texture) to feed back a Renderer’s result into a Shader on the same Renderer.

although i wasn’t switching the Techniques the Technique pin was not even NIL but nothing at all after restarting the patch. (unfortunately i can’t send the patch right now because of desolate internet connection possibilities…)

i was able to figure out that this seems to be problem related to the evaluation process in the first frame.
with disabling the Queue’s Insert in the very first frame the problem was solved! this maybe somehow confirms your framedelay workaround.

i noticed some other strange behaviours and have a patch that reproduceable shows them.

will upload ASAP…

gimme internet please

hi kalle, happy to read you. sorry for your internet, and thanks about your suggestion.

I think that you are pointing something that I m arriving too also, but from another way, and with very less background than you:

we need deseperatly to control what is sended and at wich moment in the frame process of VVVV. Ok maybe this can be stupid, but really it would be great that we can assign a priority to a node or a set of nodes/ a subpatch.
it can be abstract ( lets say that there are 10 or 20 levels and you may assign to this abstract levels)

why ?

because there is on certain complex patches and subpatches things that works and then do no more work. and at everytime , there is this question: when is it executed ? why when i m deleting a subpatch no more working, and reloading it it works ?

personnaly, my patches are not complexes, there is not a lot of abstract caluclations and i m not in generativ arts. i m just manipulating usually good old quads, shaders and simple stuff, but all together because its theatre or dance.
And this is the 3rd project where i m fighting again same troubles. This can be mine, but sincerelly, i m sure that this need of control and assign priority is necessary to solve anoying bugs…

what is your opinion kalle ? and good luck if you are on Mars or in Vanuatu