FieldTrip: RaymarchGBuffer VSM Shadow

Hello there,
I just discovered that there is a VSM Shadow technique hidden in the RaymarchGBuffer of the Field Trip pack, which would come very handy for me. However it does not seem to work out of the box. Does anybody know if this is ready use or easy to repair?

Hi everyone,
I had the same problem. The ShadowMaps(deferred) node need Geometry as input. Is it possible to get it from volume in FieldTrip? How to solve the problem of no shadows when render sdf with Superphysical?

Hi @cnsj
Solved this problem by now. You need a second RaymarchGBuffer node only for the shadowmaps. You set one RaymarchGBuffer to the standard technique or the one using a bump map and the second one to the VSMShadow Technique. If it does not work for you like this maybe upload your patch and I can try if I can find what’s missing.

Thanks @maxs
Sorry for late reply. I tried your tips. It doesn’t work for me probably because I use SuperPhysical after RaymarchGBuffer. I want to get the shadow of the front sf3d on the background. How to finish the ShadowMaps node of Superphysical maybe is the main problem for me. (35.1 KB)

Ah okay I see. What I got so far was a working implementation of Volumetrics with a RaymarchedGBuffer and an SDF throwing a shadow on a geometry. But I’ll have a look into your patch if that could help you in any way.

Thanks a lot @maxs
yes, that is. It confused me. I am sorry that I may have troubled you with my problem.

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