Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has achieve any good result on fiducial tracking?I really want to know if its a valuable feature cause I am working on making my own reactable engine my first attemp was with pure data but It did not work as well as expected for the latency side of thingspy patch was really simple too(some thing that would display visual feedback as I move/rotate them).I am wondering if VVVV would over come this problem since it can generate complex 3d stuff…any help will be very valuable since the lack of info on the fiducialtracker node

i’ve never tried, but i hope you will… latency depends on your cam too. a firewire DV camera should be the best.

actually consumer DV cameras connected via firewire are your slowest choice, because the en/decoding to/from DV takes a lot of time.

but there are uncompressed firewire cameras which have hardly any noticable lag. our video links list some manufacturers.

well finally I have find someone that as made a decent patch I’m currently working on…if any one is interested here are is the my modification of the patch…its pretty empty for now but it works …anyway il post back when I have more stuff going on

fiducial-engine_attemp#0.5.v4p (9.0 kB)
fiducial-engine_attemp#1.v4p (5.8 kB)

ok now my problem is I dont know how to assing ID of the fiducial
to a specific object to render.I think this can be done with the getslice node but how …anyway ill continue my research


you can connect the output of videoin directly to the contourtracker, because asvideo causes quite some latency…

ok I have everything running but there is one last piece of the puzzle missing stoping me… quite painfull.Anyway I need to get
each fiducial ID assinged with a specific object with is own texture and transformation system so I can have many different style of object.actually I have tried getslice setslice select but none of this seems to work since they work with the slice of the IOBox careless the fiducial ID leading to a total randomness of wich fiducial do what…its quite a frustating issue when it comes to live dealing with the program cause you have a bunch of object but if you want use let say fiducial ID 2 wich has a specfic task but this object is related to the second slice so you absolutly need to put an object carless of the ID first so when you put your second fiducial it will remain to the specific task yyou gave him…Quite nonsense dont you think?..seriously any help will be very useful!anyway thanks to read


a very first Tutorial with a fiducial Simulation (540.2 kB)

thumbs up ¡ thank you kalle .

thanks god you understood this!!!its nice made and works perfectly!!!I still think its quite complex for such a simple task anyway…I was starting to lose faith …ITS WORKING !!!

glad to hear, post some doku if you have…