FiducialTracker limited IDs

i am using the fiducialTracker node. but the ids, that are able to be tracked, are limited from 0 to 89. fiducials with higher ids are not recognized.

i am using the markes from page.

is there a way to track fiducials with an higher id?

the 90 fiducials are hardcoded so the node will need to be rebuilt with the new “treefile” that now specifies 108 fiducials. will try to do that in ~a week.

thanks for your help.
i found an other behaviour of the node: fiducialId 44 is never found.
that problem will be probably solved too.

would be perfect if you could change the treefile soon… (installation starts running on monday.) till then i can do some tricks.


helo kathi, can you please try the attached and see if that solves your problem? that should now allow for 216 different fiducials. (20.5 kB)

Hi Joreg,

it would be great if you could work/update the fiducialTracker node in other aspects as well.

The marker tracking in reactivision 1.4 works much better and is more robust than in vvvv.

Martin Kaltenbrunner told me that this is because the vvvv node is based on a very early outdated reactivision code !?

As you had a look at this “old code” recently, it might now be a good moment to do this update … or did you perhaps already do this with the last changes ?


oui, please check attached.
this has been built with martins latest version of libfidtrack. from his changelog i don’t see any tracking improvements there, but you’ll be the judge of that. so please give it a run, as i don’t have any fidus around… (21.4 kB)

still waiting for feedback on this one…

Hi Joreg,

yes … sorry … we will do some testing and report back until monday (30.04.2012) at the latest.


sry for delay, i’m on it right now

cross-checked some simple fiducialtracking between “original beta23” and alpha28 with the .dll from the post above ( by joreg 19/04/2012 - 14:23)

the new version seems to be much more performant.
running with a uEye-cam in 1280x1024 with more than 30 fps the render object almost sticks to the marker.

Hi Joreg,

one more thing:

In reactivision the marker set is not hardcoded but stored in an external text (tree-) file. This way you can change the used set of markers easily.

Is there a special reason why this is different in vvvv ? Can you change this ?

Especially the small amoeba set is very useful if you only need very few but small fiducials !?


good to hear it works better. now part of alpha28.

the tree-file could definitely be changed to be loaded dynamically. for me it is not a high priority atm but sources are there, should be quite easy for someone a bit into c++. would be glad to incorporate such a fix.