FiducialTracker dissapeared!

I’ve a problem with my FiducialTracker’s patch!
I’ve a patch using this tracker working, but now i’ve a new computer and FiducialTracker has dissapeared! I’ve my “aplication” but it’s not working 'cause FiducialTracker is not there.
I downloaded the original FiducialTracker help patch again from this web and it’s not working neither.

Do you know what is the problem or what can I do?

Thank’s a lot to everyone!


helo africadas,

are you using beta20?
do you have .net2.0 installed? (not needed for fiducialtracker, but maybe still needed with beta20 to not fail loading freeframes).

do any other freeframes work? contour for example?

Hi Joreg!

Yes, I’m using beta20, but I don’t know nothing about .net2.0…
I’ve done exactly the same in my new computer like in my old… And it was working there and is not working here…

I tried with others freeframes and are not working neither…

What do you think?

Thank you very much!

ouright, then please try installing .net 2.0

Oh! Thank you very much Joreg!
Now everything is working again!! :)