Fiducial tracking with multiple cameras

Hi vvvvorum,
I’m looking for a fiducial tracking solution on a large projected surface. I should use 4 PS3eye cameras merged together and put the source into FiducialTracker (FreeFrame DShow9). Is this the right way?

I saw PS3 Eye Multi Camera contribution but it’s very old. Does it still work?

VVVV.Packs.Image has CLEye currently disabled. Any news?


I have used PS3 Eye Multi Camera contribution with beta 27.2 without problems.I don’t know if it works on recent version

I have try with ccv 1.5 and multicams (3 pseye) but i had troubles for the fiducal tracking… (blob tracking works good)

Unfortunately CLeye in the packs is disabled…we have to wait the new vvv.packs.image

Goodluck Ale

@Noir: grazie Seba! Tomorrow I’ll test ps3-eye-multi-camera with the last beta and some cameras.

@devvvvs: any chance to have new vvvv.packs.image with working CLeye? I remember it had good performance compared to FreeFrame plugins.