Fiducial help

hey everyone
I’m having some difficulty with my patch
I’m trying to track fiducials and for some reason the patch is not recognising the id of the fiducial
could anyone take a look and see where i have gone worng

ContourFducialsub.v4p (31.1 kB)

hey Ralph.

I’ve been looking at the Fiducials in VVVV and have just got to were I needed to be. The patch I’ve created uses a few other Patchs I found on the VVVV site. I’ve included my main patch (fiducial_working.v4p) below plus the two sub patchs needed (idcheck.v4p and getindex.v4p). I have managed to get five markers working so far (four control video playback - speed, position) and the other is controling sound.

I hope this helps and if you figure out a simpler way then please let me know. I am installing a Reactable in a maze later this week in Leicester - will post some once it is up and running.

hope this helps.


fiducial_working.v4p (43.2 kB)

here is the one of the other files…

IDcheck.v4p (3.2 kB)

and the other… should have zipped them.

GetIndex (Spreads).v4p (5.2 kB)