Fiducial - Audio delayed in stopping when marker removed


I am near to completion with my first Fiducial/VVVV based project and all is well but one thing. When I have a patch set up to trigger video clips on markers 1-4 and audio on 5-8. When I take the video markers off the image dissappears instanlly, which is what I want.

However with the audio markers there seems to be a few seconds delay until MP3/WAVs stop playing. I thought a way around this would be using audio attatched to an avi but doesn’t seem to work either.

I am missing something?? the v4p file is attatched. I really need the sounds to cut off as soon as marker is removed from view.

any help would and I would be grateful,

thanks darius

finalpatch.v4p (110.9 kB)

unfortunately the modules aren’t contained.
so nobody can do something with your patch.
howto make patches portable will be a recommended lecture for you.

btw. i’d prefer renderers NOT opening fullscreen at my pc.