FFT Recorder probs

hi guys,

im working on a patch and having a few difficulties and could do with some advice/help…

im recording some music with the fft recorder and using the text file to power a counter which inputs to the superformula shader to create growing meshes.

however when i come to synch the anim back up it bears little relation to the original audio. It seems that i get short pauses where the mesh doesnt grow, these however appear not to be influenced by the music. Im pretty confident that im getting clean recordings of fft values as i have everything else switched off. Also i have been using mainloop to ensure that all patches run at the same speed 24fps.

Anyone have any tips for best practice using the recorder and player?


yes, 24 fps are too slow for the record. try to record your textfiles as fast as possible, the faster you record the fft data the better is the playback. the recorder and the player are based on time, not frames.