FFT not working correctly on Fullscreen

Im not sure this is correctly posted in the right channel since its hardware related, possibly…

An FFT spread animation works fine in windowed mode but becomes random on Fullscreen when using a USB audio interface input (Edirol UA-1EX). IM not sure its even latency, just a chaotic response.

Anyone experienced something like this?

you could try limiting your framerate leaving more time for the FFT to be processed. use the Mainloop node to set the foregroundframerate to a lower maximum. try 60, then 30,…

thnks joreg,

intially i have some improvements it seems by reducing the framerate, allthough it appears that if leave the patch to run for sometime, not too long, the performance drops and the FFT response seems to go out of sync or stop responding as well as it should do.

It only happens when using an external sound source with a USB sound interface into my machine. It works fine when using the computers internal card. Presumably the processing involved with the external USB + VVVV is causing the problems?

Im wondering if a PCMIA card (for line input) would be more processor friendly and less of a CPU hog than a USB input?

what are other 4v users experiences when doing FFT with an external sound card? Same issues?

Hmm i wonder if there is anything else to tweak?