FFT Directshow9 unavailable using Bootcamp (Realtek drivers) red box

Hi, I’m getting a red box in dshow and FFT, I did some searches in Google and in the forum without much luck.
Is vvvv more forgivvving using XP?
Any recommendations?

UPDATE: Also doesn’t work on: DELL running Windows 7
also using Realtek drivers.


iMac Mountain Lion
Windows 7
crack.exe shows everything green
Realtek drivers.

does anything else work fine with sound? or is the problem limited to vvvv?

Yes, general sound works in Windows, MP3 playback inside vvvv works. Just the FFT and Dshow block are red
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Did you install any codec packs? Check the ffdshow tryouts

Err, I just re-read your post … fuhgeddabout my post … blush

Thx patrick,
I’ll try that at the iMac and let you know
Using a Dell it still didn’t work.
Odd thing, an old custom Asus PC I had had no problems…

I guess there’s more Win savvy folks around here and, being late, I’m a bit too tired to fire up W7/Bootcamp’ed for cross-reference. Seems it’s not a Bootcamp issue anyway, if all hardware related sound features run fine and it’s not solely Mac related. Once the Filestream node plays A/V just fine, it should not be a codec/driver issue. Bottom line, it’s a DirectX issue.

Try uninstalling DirectX, Visual C++, .net and codec packs completely, then re-install them. Make sure the Win installations in question aren’t generally screwed.

wasn’t there an issue about nonworking https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/6918 on certain apple hardware?