FFT (DirectShow 4Channels) to Analyse Filestream, better way?

I am trying to get all four values (bass, mid1, mid2, treble) out of an mp3 file so i can manipulate the scale of a quad to make a crude block equalizer.

The spread output from FFT(DirectShow 4Channel) are very low so i am mapping them between 0 and 1.

The only problem i have is that they don’t seem to follow music very well ie. bass note hits but treble channel seems to peak.

I am new to vvvv and experimenting, so any help with how anyone else would approach it would be much appreciated.


audio-reaction.v4p (62.2 kB)

not sure there was some nice maxmsp patch somewhere im kinda not sure where it is

the fft 4channels has an audio input already. you connected the fft analysis of the audio to its master gain, so what you got is quite random.

to get proper levels, either plug in the audio to your audio record device, or have a look inside the fft 4channels module and connect a filestream directly to the FFT node inside the module by creating a new module or subpatch.

Thanks tonfilm, i put the filestream directly inside the subpatch and it worked great