FFT (Bass NRT) doesn't have a frequency scaling


I noticed that FFT (bass NRT) node doesn’t have a frequency scaling for some reason. All setup was created with realtime node, but now I can’t understand how to scale my FFT values from non-realtime node. It’s important, because it’s looks and feels more natural and it difficult to create new setup for this values. Can anybody help me?

hey yar,

please see if the info in this patch answers your question:

Joreg, thanks for answering, but audio analysis is not a problem. Problem with one feature that exist in one node, but doesn’t exist in other. Maybe there is a solution (algorithm) for scaling output values?

FreqScaleProblem.v4p (11.1 kB)

hi yar,

the code in the bass FFT is something like:
FFTSamplei * (i+1)

so you just need a * node and an I (Spreads) from 1 to FFT spreadcount. hope that helps…

tonfilm, thanks a lot!
It’s not ideal, but looks more better!