FFT Analyser tutorial?

Hi there,
is there a good tutorial in making an FFT Analyzer in VVVV?
Something like you have in VDMX with 4 channels, preferably that can send OSC Data :)

If somebody feels obliged in makeing a tutorial, be my guest! :)

Thanks in advance!

hi Martijn

have you tried using the FFT (DShow9 4Channels) and the OSCDecoder (Network) and OSCEncoder (Network)

Remember if you make one of the nodes and highlight it, then you can press F1 to get the help file for that node. these noes have quite nice helpfiles that should help you use the nodes to achieve what you want.


Wow, I just noticed the difference between the normal one, 4Channels and 4Channels Win7. Immediatly noticed alot of thins that i needed.

Silly me just need to look more :D

Is it possible to get the audio from say Windows Media Player? Now i only can choose the Microphone input

You must turn it on in Win7 before you can use it in the audioin node. After that you can select “what you hear”.


that depends on your sound card driver. most windows 7 sound cards don’t have this option anymore. you would need something like a virtual audio cable, or just plug the sound back in to the audio in of the computer.

installing a vista version of your audio drivers should do it as well.

Ok thanks for the answers!
Still gonna be a bit tricky, ive got a VAIO and the driver support there is veryyyy low