FFT 4 Channels

Hi people,
Is there a way to “clean” a FFT 4 Channel output? I mean, the output signals always flicker even when the sound seems to be constant and I need to use a smooth moving signal without changing the speed of the FFT4 (like using a Damper or ting like that).

I may be not clear enough, but I need a solution.

Thnx vvvvolks!!!

Yes, use a damper :)

If you filter fast changing values, with a high filter time, it might not even seem to change at all.

There is a patch in Girlpower, compare filters.
Just try different filters/filter times.

And you might need to Map (value) your output or use a Gamma (value) node, but that is all up to you…

an oscillator works too… (that’s what i use but i’m gonna try the damper, thanks west)

Yo West!
A Damper?.. mh, so I have to try harder! I’m really jealous of nice smooth animations used by tonfilm or sanch but I feel like I just can’t get the same result! maybe it depends on the input too (CD or live feed from a board)…

Thanx a lot, I try it right now!


connect the BeatDetector to the AsSpread output of the FFT4Channels, use the Energy output of the BeatDetector for your visuals, that should be a smooth signal.

I’m gona ask a newbie question: the outputs of beatdetector have 4 slices. How to access to each one? I would like to use each energy signal separatly (bass, midbass, etc…).

Great! Thanx tonfilm, I try it

the outputs of beatdetector have 4 slices. How to access to each one?

GetSlice (Spreads) , but you can connect a spreat to almost every other node and it will creat 4 instance of it…

try GetSlice (Spreads)
or Stallone (Spreads)

Lesson 2 of the tutorial, i have no excuse… But now it’s assimilated! :/
thanks guys

oO!!! i love the power node! it makes some good blasts!
discovering is magic…