Feedback problem

I am having trouble with a very basic feedback loop. It will feedback on itself in one window, but drag the output to the other window and the loop stops, sometimes if the window is brought back to the other it will begin again, other times not. Something is breaking the feedback loop, but I’m not sure what.

Also, not attached here, but I will describe, the same problem, but because I have saved will only open in full screen, if I ALT2 the rederer it’s feedback loop gets broken, and will not restart, even after saving and closing… confusing me a bit.

3200 939
7900 GT
2 GB ram
raptor vvvv drive

feedback001.v4p (5.2 kB)

my guess would be that feedback works only when all involved renderers are on the same grahics adapter

video feedback is fun only when it can be handled withn one graphic adapter - even if vvvv would support loops over multiple graphic adapter, it would be really slow as all your pixel needs to be copied all around your system. if you are using only one adapter they sit safe in one graphic adapter and do not need to be shifted around.

Note that there is a difference between span modes and multi adapter modes in the graphic card control panel. So try to use a span mode instead.