Feedback is not behaving as in Beta

As many of you know Texture feedback is central to much of my work. After moving to gamma, I need to be able to make texture feedback.

It does however not behave in Stride as it did in Beta. see included examples for Gamma/Stride and Beta, DX9 and DX11. (6.2 KB)

It might just be the edge detect shader that is different, but I am not really sure. I am not necessarily asking for the same behavior, I just need to understand it.


Not sure what’s the problem but FYI the shader code seems to be the same in both VL and Beta

Oh I think I got it, you needed to set the RenderTexture format to R8G8B8A8_UNorm which isn’t the default as it is in Beta. Also the resolution was different which I guess make the feedback to look different too.

FeedbackTest.vl (17.7 KB)

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That was it.


you can also use any node that clamps the values between 0…1 to control the feedback. for example Levels… using 16bit float textures for feedback will lead to higher quality output.

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