Feature: roll over texture pins for preview

hey devvvs

how about a rollover pin to get a preview of the texture on that pin
of course this would require a lot of directx fiddling so isn’t so easy to implement, but would make workflows more efficient

it might look something like this:




+1 (but with an on/off feature toggle)

and to make it even more touch-designer like having the option og making textureoutputting nodes have an in-a-box option like the renderer, then you could visually see what is going on everywhere at once

+1 Only if it does NOT cost performance.

turn it off is a real OPTION, first coup versions would 100% have tons of conservative bugs!

+one :)…

+1 with an option to keep it on/off regardless by the hovering

vvvv doesn’t have options (i.e. persistent user preferences)
… hmm


a less specific solution would be to have rollover information (patch, node id, pin name, pin type) retrievable by a node in the vvvv category, then there would be a way to send the content of any outputs to a preview module

and i also vote for roll over ex9 layer pins for preview. and geometry.
hmm, there could be some kind of preview for render states :)

@unc - or rollover a variable in shader editor and have that variable output in the shader’s color in the renderer. ;)