Feature request - shortcut to name object

It could save (me at least) a lot of time if rather than having to -

  • create an object
  • select the object to make it appear in the inspektor
  • double click the name box
  • type the name
  • click elsewhere to finish

you could do something like -

  • create an object
  • hold down a shortcut key and double click the object
  • type the name
  • press enter to finish


It doesn’t look a whole lot easier when written out like that :) but half the time saved is in mousing around, and your attention being drawn away from where you are currently patching

just to note
are you also aware that if you middle-click an iobox it will inherit its name from what the name of the pin that it is attached to?
this obviously isn’t always relevant though, but often saves a lot of time

yes. I use it when I can. The ‘middle click on a pin > middle click to make io box > middle click to name’ process is very satisfying!