Feature request: Shift-key constraints (UI)

Dear Devvvvs,

is it somehow possible to implement shift-key constraints not only for connections but also for moving nodes (and text blocks) around? It will be very helpful to clean up patches. I would really like to be able to move a node only horizontally / vvvvertically.

Thank you!


Snap to grid !! please!
And/or incremental ctrl/alt/shift nodes movement…

and what grid should it snap to ?
i use arrowkeys and ctrl+L

whoa! ctrl+l!

I can’t believe there are still shortcuts I don’t know. Is there anywhere (one place!) where all these tricks are listed? If not, lets make one


ah haahh. Fair play…

Can’t see the old rightclick to copy pin values trick :)


@ggml: not sure either a new grid function in the UI or an easier solution would be (as with arrowkeys) to press ctrl and have incremental (10px) movement of the nodes even using the mouse+left click.

try moving a selection with SHIFT+ArrowKeys…

also try to
*CTRL-D (Double) a node (or selection) and then
*hit two times SHIFT+Up or SHIFT+Left
*then CTRL-D again several times
to create perfectly aligned nodes