Feature request : Make IOBoxes on all pins


Got a quick feature request.
Something I do a lot is make IOBoxes on all pins, it helps when playing with a new node, or when teaching, or in lots of situations.

I’d love if there was a shortcut like Ctrl+Shift+I or something which added an IOBox onto every Pin in a nice row top and bottom, each with a label. Perhaps pressing Ctrl+Shift+I again would resize the node so that all the links were vertical.


node explode!

I like the idea.

Probably not that easy to implement due to varying lengths in pin names.

This could have been taken care of by having a standard for help patches,
and having help patches for every node, of course.

Middle click auto-naming is already super nice, btw.

Some thoughts that should be considered as nice-to-have:

  • Vaguely speaking, it would be interesting to think of some helper nodes that would make it possible to patch that functionality. This would perhaps open up some more possibilities as well.

  • Maybe its just me, but i spend a lot of time straightening out the cords. I hope there isn’t something already that i missed, but i would love to have a modifier key that locks the cords in eg. 15° angles while dragging nodes.

  • Selecting a single node and pressing align (Ctrl+l) moves the node so that the cord is a straight line. (maybe just ignore nodes with multiple connections)

  • Nodes snapping to custom sized grid with modify key.

the grid would be just perfect
i’m freakenin out from sizing dumb io boxes to same size all the tim

Ah the grid… this has been asked for several years and always ignored. Anyway, some features to help patch/node organisation is always welcome imho.

+1… no text …

for snap to grid

Node explode should be doable with set patch as well…

I think I should make one to move all nodes, just, slightly, out of alignment, to wind up all you tidy freaks :D

well patch driven solution is great, but still it’s more for sizing io’s then to pos them actually, anyways “under the hood” functionality would be much better.

Hey catweasel,

really nice that this has been hiding there all the time.

I noticed that IOBoxes were not working, maybe i just did not
really get it, though.

I kind of fixed/broke it. It turned out to be quite tricky to keep it working for multiple nodes with different componentmodes.

The snapping now occurs more reliably.
Meanwhile, I added scaling, lower y-axis grid size and a keyboard shortcut.

Maybe someone can have a look at this, i hope i didn’t mess this up unnecessarily.

And sorry elliot for abusing your thread.

I also realized that node explode could be possible with SetPatch, but became a bit scared of the thought.

SnapToGrid-1.1.v4p (51.7 kB)